Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We had a great and long holiday season. Christmas Eve was celebrated as always at church and then to Paw-Paw and Nana's house for food and fun. This is Hunter's first Christmas so we were excited to spend it with him. He got some fun things at their house. Christmas Day was quiet for Wayne and I. We got up and no one was here. Whow - that was different. That evening we went to Jason and Brittany's to have dinner with her family. The food was great and we enjoyed being with Britt's parents and grandparents. The Ladd's couldn't be here till the day after Christmas so we waited till the next weekend to open gifts so that Jason could be there. It was hard looking at the presents and not being able to open them. "Still a kid at heart"
Paw-Paw and Hunter having a fun time. Sadie thought she needed to get in the picture too.

This is how the family known as CCH all started.

 CCH has grown to 20 with a new one on the way.
(not pictured this year are Angela, Zac and Harper) :(
20 months - Harper
6 months - Hunter

The most precious Grandsons in the World!!!!

Hunter is the new Santa Claus
Harper's new ride.

Hunter is so excited to see his gifts from Paw-Paw and Nana.

Nana and Hunter playing.
Angela and Zac

We had such a great time with the kids and grandsons.  Hope your Christmas was filled with wonder and anticipation for 2013.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Fall brings Pumpkin Patches for Harper and Hunter. Went to a new Pumpkin Patch with Harper. This was at a family's home. They had hay mazes, pumpkins lined in rows after rows after rows, train and horse drawn wagon rides, inflatable bounce houses, and all the cut out characters you could imagine.
 Hunter went to his first pumpkin patch in Texas City after church on Sunday. Nana and Paw Paw came too and we took lots of pictures and Gran bought him a pumpkin of his own. Next year he can pick out his own.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hunter Wayne Clement

Hunter was baptized on July 22, 2012 - at Memorial Lutheran where his G-Pa is the pastor. What an exciting morning for the Clement/Hines family.

Great,Great Aunt Rosalie

Great Aunt Diane

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hunter Wayne Clement is born!!!!!

Born on the 4th of July
 July 4, 2012 Hunter was born to Jason and Brittany. He was 7lbs. 15 oz., 19 3/4" long with dark hair and the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen.
 Proud grandparents were there to greet him and welcome him into the family. We first got to see Jason and he was beaming and had already taken that daddy role seriously. He's gonna be a great dad. We didn't see Brittany until the next morning. She was doing great. Very tired, but doing well. Brittany is gonna be a great mom.
 Hunter's Aunt Angela and cousin Harper came in to see him. Harper wasn't sure what to do with him, but Aunt Ang was right there trying to help out in any way she could. It's funny that both of them have the same kind of pacifier in their mouths.

Such a sweet new family.

PawPaw, G-Pa, Nana, Gran, Hunter, Jason and Brittany,
G-Paw and Hunter
My Daddy protects me!

Whow! Our family is growing. Love having 2 boys sent from Heaven.

Such a beautiful face.

Gran can't get enough.

Aunt Ang and Harper love me.

Grans house is where cousins will become best friends.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Richardson in June

 Urban Eats - Gran favorite spot. Harper must have tasted a lemon.
Anne, Caleb and Peggy

 Caleb and Harper are best buds.
Sweet Eyes

Well, Gran couldn't stand it any longer and had to make her way up I45 to see her Harper.  Love that 75 miles an hour. I was greeted by the schnauzers as usual. They love Gran. Harper was crawling all over the place and walking holding on. We played "bouncy bouncy" on the couch, looked out the big window, chased the dogs, went swimming, met friends so we could splash in the water and just had an all around great time. Had fun going out to eat and playing with Harper at the city pool.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend Fun

The weekend started with a Baby Shower for Brittany and Jason. Whow, Hunter got lots of cool stuff. He will be the best dressed kid in Texas City. That afternoon Harper went swimming in a very little pool Gran bought. He decided that crawling out was more fun. Later we just took it in and he played in it. lol

Great-Nana                                         Gran and Grandma

Gran and Harper
Very special gift from a very sweet friend-Debbie
This is Hunter's Mom?
Mommy & Daddy

G-Pa and Great Paw Paw

13 Months

I'm a very cool dude
Mommy & Harper

Sunday we prepared b-b-q for the family. Took Harper to the dike for some great pictures. He was so much fun. He and G-Pa decided that taking the plastic containers from the bottom draw in the kitchen was fun. Especially throwing them. He is crawling everywhere and standing up; walking as he holds on. Monday the house was quiet again. :(  Sure did miss Zac!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


You want some cake?

I am too cool for these shades.
My new big baseball!

Thanks Gran & G-Pa

Dallas Zoo - love those goats!
Riding my first horse.

I want to touch the bird.

Uncle Jason and Brittany

He's really not your buddy Uncle Jason - he'll bite!
Brittany he's not your friend either.
What's up with these people?
Really Zac - you think people are going
 to believe you!

I'm awake for 1  hour a day so hurry and take that picture.

I fed a Giraffe, Gran fed a Giraffe, Mommy and Daddy fed the Giraffe.

Uncle Jason I'm so tired from the Zoo and the rain............

Back to my party. It was cool and I got a wheel here that goes on my car.

Okay, I see the wheel, the horn now what?

Anybody coming with me??? I need help to go.

Thanks G-Pa, I knew I could count on you.
What an exciting month for all of us. We all spent Harper's Birthday with him and his mom and dad. He got to go to the zoo for the first time with Gran, Jason, Brittany and Mom and Dad. (in the rain no less) and eat CAKE. We also fed giraffes and he got to ride a horse. In spite of the rain we had a great time.